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Gain insights and skills to stepping toward differences with others and communicate skillfully about difficult subjects.

I design and deliver training on mindful self-awareness, healthy interpersonal communication, effective group functioning, and conflict resolution. Participants: 

  • Discover and manage habitual or limiting ways of thinking and reacting to ourselves and others. 

  • Learn to use differences and paradoxes as a jumping off points for improving relationships and getting needs met. 

  • Practice ways to communicate feelings and concerns calmly, listen compassionately, and de-escalate heated situations.  

  • Explore patterns in group communications and discover approaches to improve group functioning around differences.

  • Help others successfully navigate situations of divergent perspectives.


I offer customized trainings, and also provide“ready to go” workshops that may work for your group or organization, including:


  • Mindfulness for Restoration

  • Deep Listening to Self and Others

  • Conflict Resolution 101

  • The Five Conflict Styles

  • Mindful Listening for Better Business Outcomes  

Group working together.

Kathleen is captivating and enthusiastic. What a gifted instructor! She is never boring. I loved Kathleen’s way of teaching and involving everyone. The day flew by. The training consistently involved the whole group. This was the best workshop I’ve attended in a long time. - A.J.

Kathleen coaches as she teaches, so I really came away with a whole new skill set that I can apply right away. - C.L.

It's clear that Kathleen is a master teacher. She knows how people learn and brings a variety of techniques and approaches that really supported us to learn the skills and concepts, for real, not just in our heads.  - Y.M.

Your training and coaching are spot-on!  You're informed, supporting, and a great communicator.  -- C.C.


Kathleen offers great role modeling – great interactions. This is applicable to all my work and personal interactions. - B.T.


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