Counseling & Coaching

Zen Stones

NOTE: I am currently seeing all clients via videoconferencing.

Connect with your inner wisdom to discover and release constricting perceptions, beliefs, and habits of thinking that block access to a more spacious and satisfying personal and professional life. I bring an attitude of loving presence, safety, and respect to this journey of self-discovery, supporting clients to surface, explore, and transform disharmony into clarity and action.

Through one-on-one coaching, clients have the opportunity to explore and revise old "maps" of their inner world that no longer serve them so they can make new choices to:

  • More confidently navigate personal and professional life transitions.

  • Create new habits for health and well-being.

  • Navigate differences with others productively and effectively

  • Gain clarity, insight, and freedom of action.

My specialties are supporting clients who wish to gain insight into repeating unsatisfactory life patterns, those seeking clarity in life direction, people working with stress, worry or confusion,  and those experiencing challenges in healthy communications.


The “deep listening” approach I use is client-centered and focuses on discovering and releasing limiting perceptions, beliefs, and habits of thinking and doing. 


As appropriate, I use mindfulness and somatic awareness, which are particularly helpful for those who have a background in art, music, movement, mindfulness, or sports, but can be used by anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of self. While this approach invites awareness of the body as a means for connecting to material unavailable to the conscious mind in everyday life, I do not use direct touch as a modality in working with clients.

All sessions currently offered via Zoom or telephone.

 Please note that I do not work with clients who have diagnosed mental health issues unless they are currently working with an appropriate psychotherapist who agrees that these approaches could be a helpful adjunct to the work they are already doing. 

My Approach
While I draw from a variety of holistic approaches, I am primarily informed by two intersecting philosophies that allow the dance between inner and outer dilemmas to be uncovered and explored in order to illuminate new and more satisfying options:
  • Hakomi, a mindfulness and somatic psychology and coaching method that allows for the unfolding of the wisdom of the body and the unconscious mind. This approach helps people discover, study, and revise limiting beliefs about themselves and the world. Hakomi suggests that change happens through gently exploring the organization of experience in the present moment to uncover and reexamine previously unknown limiting "core beliefs” and make revisions based on present-day needs and goals.


  • “Interest-based” mediation and conflict resolution, which suggests that both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts contain important information about what matters, and that these are differences to be explored respectfully and thoroughly to allow for the emergence of insights and solutions that feel right for all.


Kathleen offered a calm spaciousness that allowed me to attune more closely to hidden and obstructed parts of myself. – R.R.

Kathleen gently encourages by listening to what is being said, and also what is not being said. – K.D.

Her presence, compassion, and skill guided me to visit places of fear and shift them. The process was gentle and deep and has had lasting effects on my life.  Kathleen is an amazing guide, I highly recommend her. – J.M.

Hakomi is wonderful!  It worked really well for me due to its embodied approach. Kathleen held safe and skilled space for me and I was able to access new awareness and deeper understanding of myself. – F.L