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Reflect wisely on your group’s approaches and programming, and take next steps to craft respectful, inclusive, and effective organizations.

Do you need to help your group find common ground, reach a decision, or create a plan?  I create and deliver holistic facilitation processes for groups seeking to work more harmoniously or to develop an action plan for effective work. I draw from a variety of approaches, including interest- and strengths-based facilitation and applied mindfulness. 

I support leaders to conduct "deep listening" assessments and craft effective agendas in alignment with the goals of the project or event.  My focus is on ensuring that all voices are heard, meetings flow smoothly and stay on track, and that your group has the most satisfying and productive conversations possible. I help groups with a variety of processes, including:


  • Program and project evaluation

  • Planning

  • Retreats


Warm and friendly group meeting.

“We reached out to Kathleen in a time of significant organizational changes and growth to support a strategic planning retreat.  Kathleen brought great listening capacity to our process and was able to integrate the large volume of needs and opportunities into a tremendous, effective and well-structured day-long Board/ staff retreat.  Everyone left feeling the day was wholly productive and energized about the amount of progress made.  Kathleen brings upbeat energy, good focus and organization, dedication, creativity, fun and the right balance of hands-on/hands-off facilitation.” 

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