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Engage in supported, mutually respectful dialogue to hear, share, and consider different perspectives, and resolve differences in ways that feel satisfying to all concerned.

Feel as peaceful as a mountain stream.

Most of us have differences with others, whether in our personal relationships, in the workplace, or in our communities.

I provide mediation services to help people talk productively and respectfully about issues that concern them, bridge differences, and craft solutions that settle things for everyone. My approach is tailored for the specific needs of the people or groups involved and includes structured listening, interest-based mediation, and circle processes. 


I also provide relationship coaching for those who would like support in stepping toward differences with others to resolve concerns and ensure ongoing successful relationships. I support people to:

  • Untangle conflict between family members, colleagues, and neighbors.

  • Deal with differences of opinion within and between teams.

  • Gain skills to navigate conflicts, whether long-standing or unexpected. 


I was immediately more relaxed when we started working with Kathleen. It was clear that she was going to be able to help us figure out what we had not been able to solve on our own. I'm so glad we chose her! - A.M.


Kathleen is great at putting people at ease, at helping people to relax, and even have fun, in difficult times. She is also great at helping others sort out their options. – S.D.                  


Kathleen provides a calm presence while helping us resolve our differences. She is genuinely inquisitive in a non-judgmental way, and that really helped us sort out some of the things we hadn't even been willing to talk about before. – P.L.


She is unassuming but also asks potent questions that get at the heart of what others are wrestling with. – K.D.

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